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Globale Sepsisinzidenz und -mortalität 1990-2017 myDRG Stellenmarkt Gesundheitswesen

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Globale Sepsisinzidenz und -mortalität 1990-2017

Globale Sepsisinzidenz und -mortalität 1990-2017 / Global, regional, and national sepsis incidence and mortality, 1990-2017: analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study (The Lancet).

Sepsis is life-threatening organ dysfunction due to a dysregulated host response to infection. It is considered a major cause of health loss, but data for the global burden of sepsis...

[...] Our study is the first to produce global estimates of sepsis incidence and mortality across 195 countries and territories, 282 underlying causes of death, both sexes, and 23 age groups for the years 1990 to 2017. Our findings indicate that there were an estimated 48·9 million (95% UI 38·9–62·9) incident cases of sepsis and 11·0 million (10·1–12·0) sepsis-related deaths in 2017. These estimates are more than double previous global figures, which is probably attributable to inclusion of more data from low-income and middle-income countries, locations where sepsis incidence and mortality are considerably higher and for which data were previously under-represented. Furthermore, the difference between these current estimates and previous global estimates was especially striking among children, such that more than half of all sepsis cases worldwide in 2017 occurred among children, many of them neonates.[...]

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